What Kinds of Fabric Features enable Clothes become Comfortable to Wear?

We don’t wear the same dress throughout all the seasons. Fashion designers design clothing products, and dressmakers produce dresses according to consumer demand. We prefer T-Shirt during the summer season, and during the winter season, we prefer outerwear. Cotton products are the best in the summer, and woolen products are preferable for winter. As for […]

Fabric Inspection: Four Point System

Inspection is the most crucial section under the quality control department in the fabric manufacturing or fabric dyeing factory. This section ensures the fabric is defect-free or not. The fabric manufacturer’s responsibility is to provide the fabric with good quality and suitable for the expected product. There are various systems for fabric inspection, such as […]

Properties of Spandex Fabrics

Fabrics are never made entirely of spandex fibre. As has been indicated, these yarns are frequently made in combination with other fibres. These yarns are generally incorporated with other yarns in fabrics. When bare spandex yarns are used, they are always utilized in conjunction with other yarns in fabrics. The form, amount, and other arrangement […]

Properties of Orlon Acrylic Fabric

The properties of fabrics made of Orlon depend on the type of fibre used as well as how the material is woven, knitted, or finished. The several types of Orlon provide for flexibility in application due to differences in their properties. Therefore, fabric and garment performance should be evaluated in terms of these particular characteristics […]

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