Fabric Inspection: Four Point System

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Inspection is the most crucial section under the quality control department in the fabric manufacturing or fabric dyeing factory. This section ensures the fabric is defect-free or not. The fabric manufacturer’s responsibility is to provide the fabric with good quality and suitable for the expected product.

Fabric Inspection

There are various systems for fabric inspection, such as Four Point system, Ten Point system, Grantville system, etc. There are no arrangements in the mentioned systems or in any other systems until recently for considering the shade, bias, handling etc., of fabrics. The four points system for fabric inspection has been described here. Because the system of examining the quality of fabrics in this system has been recognized by the American Apparel Manufacturing Association (AAMA) and the American Association of Quality Control (AAQC).

What is Four Points System?

In this system, the numbers of defective points in one hundred square yards of fabrics are determined through inspection. If the defective points in each one hundred square yards of fabrics are 40 or above, the fabric will be considered rejected. Based on the price and quality of garments, the acceptability of defective points may be determined more than 40 also, but in that case, it depends on the understanding of the buyer and the seller. The chart of point determination for the defects in fabrics is given below:

Both ways in warp and weft the length of the defect in fabrics distribution of points

1Defects up to 3 inches
2Defects from 3 to 6 inches
3Defects from 6 to 9 inches
4Defects more than 9 inches


PointsThe volume of Holes & Openings
21 inch or below
4More than 1 inch

Note: In each yard of fabrics, the defect points more than 4 cannot be counted.

The defective points and the system of determination of acceptability of fabric are shown through an example. Let, by examining a roll of fabric in 48” width and 120 yards in length, the below defects have been determined or marked:

4 X 1 = 4 points4 defects below 3”
6 X 2 = 12 points6 defects between 3” to 6”
2 X 3 = 6 points2 defects between 6” to 9”
1 X 4 = 4 points1 defect more than 9”
Total points = 26 points
Four Point Calculation Formula

The total defective points in each 100 sq. yds being below 40, this roll of fabric may be accepted. It may be mentioned here that the limit or level of fabric acceptability is determined by the buyer and seller of the fabric. How much the difference in length and in width in the rolls of fabrics will be accepted also depend on the written contract between the buyer and the seller of the fabric. The sampling plan for inspection is also not done by any hard and fast rule. But, 100% inspection is done on the fabrics from which the value of the garments produced is more than the US $20, and 10% inspection is done on those fabrics where the value of the garments produced from the fabric is less than the US $20.

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