How to Select a Dye for Proper Dyeing

Selection of Dyes With the enormous host of dyes available to today’s textile industry, the choices are significant. Aside from each coloring agent’s ability to impregnate fibres and fabrics with different color intensities, each has specific functional characteristics that may make it more suitable for one project than for another. One of the most important […]

Winch Dyeing Machine

Working Principal of Winch Dyeing Machine  This is one kind old dyeing machine for fabrics in rope form with stationary liquor and moving material system. The machine is operated at a maximum temperature of 950 – 1000 C for open bath winch but for closed winch, the machine operates at a maximum temperature of 1300 – 1600 C. The liquor ratio […]

What is a Sustainable Garment: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction A sustainable garment is a clothing item in which the design making, production and consuming process follow an environment friendly chain. It optimizes the negative impact on the environment. It also promotes the social responsibility around the fashion industry. It encloses various factors like design choice, raw materials used, production and distribution process.     […]

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