What is a Sustainable Garment: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction A sustainable garment is a clothing item in which the design making, production and consuming process follow an environment friendly chain. It optimizes the negative impact on the environment. It also promotes the social responsibility around the fashion industry. It encloses various factors like design choice, raw materials used, production and distribution process.     […]

Corduroy Fabric: Definition, Types, Manufacturing Process and Characteristics

Introduction Corduroy fabric is a versatile and long-lasting fabric that has existed for couple of centuries. Its popularity has declined, but it has remained a wardrobe staple due to its ability to keep us warm, comfortable, and fashionable. Its unique texture has ridges or cords, giving it a unique look and feel. In this article, […]

The Art of Hand Embroidery: Preserving Traditional Clothing Techniques

Introduction Hand embroidery is a timeless and intricate art form that involves creating decorative designs on fabric using a needle and thread. It has been practised for centuries in different cultures worldwide and is celebrated for its beauty, creativity, and craftsmanship. The art of hand embroidery requires skill, patience, and attention to detail, resulting in exquisite and unique […]

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