Combing: Definition, Objects and Necessity

Definition of Textile Combing The combing process is carried out in order to improve the quality of the sliver coming out of the card. The process eliminates short fibres, it achieves better parallelization of fibres, it straightens curls, and it removes neps and residue impurities. The combing process is essentially aimed at obtaining excellent quality […]

Textile Protein Fibers

Two basic types of protein fibers are used in Textile Industry mostly, they are wool and silk. Because of availability and suitable to produce as bulk these two natural protein fibers are popular among the producers across the globe. Like silk and Wool there are some others protein fiber and also being used with cotton […]

The 23 Best Types of Hand Gloves [Images]

A hand glove is a garment that covers the hand. It also protects our hands from different unfavorable conditions. Sometimes we use hand gloves as our fashionable product too. Different types of hand gloves as follows – Skiing Fingerless Fingerless Lace Mitten Cycling Mitten Decorated Mitten Shooting Woodstock/Riding Limerick Hawking York Tan Slip-On Sports Button […]

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