Properties of Glass fibre Fabrics

Most glass fibre fabrics for consumer purposes have been made of filament yarns. Since all glass fibres are produced in the same general manner from similar ingredients, the fibre used for similar purposes has similar properties. In fact, the designation of this fibre is more frequently expressed as fibreglass. General Properties of Fibreglass Fabric Glass […]

Properties of Spandex Fabrics

Fabrics are never made entirely of spandex fibre. As has been indicated, these yarns are frequently made in combination with other fibres. These yarns are generally incorporated with other yarns in fabrics. When bare spandex yarns are used, they are always utilized in conjunction with other yarns in fabrics. The form, amount, and other arrangement […]

Properties of Orlon Acrylic Fabric

The properties of fabrics made of Orlon depend on the type of fibre used as well as how the material is woven, knitted, or finished. The several types of Orlon provide for flexibility in application due to differences in their properties. Therefore, fabric and garment performance should be evaluated in terms of these particular characteristics […]

An overview of Pantyhose

Women’s sheer nylon hosieries are made of filament nylon yarn. The yarn may be a stretch or bi-component type to provide increased elasticity. Spandex may be added for greater elasticity and support. The hosieries are circular knitted in several styles or lengths. The most popular style is pantyhose. Other styles considered important enough to mention […]

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