A Guide to Filament, Bulletproof and Ballistic Yarns

The first filament yarn was introduced through natural silk yarn derived from nature. And with the advancement of science gradually yarns like Bulletproof and Ballistic were introduced. In this article, we will know about Filament, Bulletproof and Ballistic Yarns.   Definition of Filament Yarn Man first learned the silk worm’s filament yarn technique, which extrudes fibroin – a viscous […]

Factors Affecting Yarn Strength

For our daily purposes, we wear different types of dresses. For the morning walk, we like to wear tracksuits. For swimming, we’ve to wear swimsuits. Also for heavy works we need to wear work-wears. So the physical properties of our clothing are an important factor. To have good physical properties, tear and tensile for woven and bursting strength for […]

Yarn Twist Measurement Techniques

Direct Counting Method The essence of the method is to unwind the twist in a yarn until the fibres are parallel to the yarn axis and to count how many turns are required to do his. A suitable instrument has two jaws at a set distance apart. One of the jaws is fixed and the other is capable of being rotated. […]

Measurement of Yarn Hairiness

Definition of Yarn Hairiness Spun yarns which are spun from staple fibres are hairy. It means that fibre ends come out of the main body of the yarn and its surface becomes hairy. It is a type of yarn fault. Sizing is done before looming the warp yarn to reduce its hairiness and after grey fabric is measured, sizing is done […]

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