Anti Static Finishes and its Application | Conductive Fibres

Introduction Static electricity can cause many processing problems for textile materials, especially those made form hydrophobic synthetic fibres. In most dry textile processes, fibres and fabrics move at high speeds over various surfaces which can generate electrostatic charging from frictional forces. This electrical charge can cause fibres and yarns to repel each other, leading to ballooning. Fabrics and non-woven are also affected […]

A Guide to Wool Carbonizing Process

The vegetable matter is removed by chemical means; the process is called wool carbonizing. The method is comparatively simple. The wool to be carbonized is placed in tanks containing solutions of some strong acid like chloride of aluminum, hydrochloride, or sulphuric acid. Here it remains for a period of twelve hours, during which it is […]

An Overview of Wool Scouring

Introduction The term “scouring” in the generic sense of a process that that removes contaminates from raw wool. Thus, it includes all processes which aim to clean wool including those which use solvent other than water and those which use solid as a carrier for removing the contaminates. Nature of Contaminates The main contaminates of […]

An Overview of Fabric Mercerizing

Definition  This is a special treatment for cotton yarns, fabrics which improves the fabric luster and wet ability, ensures a covering effect for dead cotton, improves dimensional stability and dyeing efficiency. Mechanism This treatment is done by using caustic soda, which determines the contraction and swelling of the fibres; they become translucent their tensile strength, but reduce their flexural and torsion […]

Finishing Faults and Their Remedies

Finishing is the most import part in the Textile Industries because total quality of the dyed fabric depends on finishing. In this section fabric GSM, width, shrinkage etc. are controlled. But sometimes the subsequent faults are found after finishing. Wet Squeezer Marks Causes Remedies GSM Variation Causes Remedies Bowing Causes Remedies Skewing Causes Remedies You […]

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