Systematic Development of Technical Textiles

Technical textiles are utilized in a range of goods, ranging in size from tiny to extensive. Various characteristics of useable equipment and procedure stymie the execution of innovative textile product concepts. To finalize functional finishes for textiles and assure product quality, technical textiles applications must be developed. Development Methods To Improve the textile industry; we […]

Tough Cotton: Durable Technology for Cotton that Gives Higher Performance

People always want to purchase tough, durable, long-lasting clothing, especially for children and athletes’ apparel, for using sustainable, long-lasting purposes. As usual, durability plays a crucial role in the decisions of purchasing clothing. Today tough cotton came with the solution of durable technology. In this context, we are going to know about Tough Cotton and […]

Properties of Glass fibre Fabrics

Most glass fibre fabrics for consumer purposes have been made of filament yarns. Since all glass fibres are produced in the same general manner from similar ingredients, the fibre used for similar purposes has similar properties. In fact, the designation of this fibre is more frequently expressed as fibreglass. General Properties of Fibreglass Fabric Glass […]

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