How to Select a Dye for Proper Dyeing

Selection of Dyes With the enormous host of dyes available to today’s textile industry, the choices are significant. Aside from each coloring agent’s ability to impregnate fibres and fabrics with different color intensities, each has specific functional characteristics that may make it more suitable for one project than for another. One of the most important […]

Direct Dye: An Overview [A to Z]

Definition of Direct Dye An anionic dye which have substantivity for cellulosic fibres, normally applied from an aqueous dye bath containing an electrolyte is known as Direct dye. Chemical Structure of Direct Dye Significance or Properties of Direct Dye Classification of Direct Dye Based on migration test and salt control ability these dyes are classified as follows: […]

An Overview of Sulphur Dye [A to Z]

Among the various fashion articles, denim is the fashion icon. For ages, denim has held its waist. Denim fabrics are made of different colors and different styles. Blue, black, or any other color is basically made with sulphur. In this article, we will discuss the critical points of sulphur dye. Significance/Properties of Sulphur Dyes Note: […]

Notes on Disperse Dye

The textile industries dye polyester yarn or fabric use disperse dye for its versatile color. The dyes are hydrophobic, so the dispersing agent is required to spread the dye onto the yarn or fabric surface. Here high temperature and pressure are also required to fix the dye particles into the fibre molecules. The dyes hold […]

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