Common Defects in Blowroom Laps

With the evolution of the new concept of “Zero defects”, there is growing concern in the mills to control defects at every stage of manufacture. Lap defects can in the long run result in yarn defects, thus ultimately reducing the sale value of yarn. It is in this context that an understanding of the types […]

Essential Check Points in Blowroom

Given below are some checkpoints which will guide the technicians about some common deficiencies in the blow room and the corrective action to be taken in such cases with regard to quality control, maintenance or work practices. Mixing Room Opening and Cleaning Scutcher End Thus, if the technicians make it a point to inspect the […]

Mixing, Blending and Bale Management

Mixing Mixing could be thought of combining of fibres together in somewhat haphazard proportion whose physical properties are partially known so that, the resultant mixture has only generally known average physical properties which are not easily reproducible. Blending Blending is based on the measurement of important fibre properties i.e, length, strength, cleanliness, e.t.c. Quantitatively proportioning […]

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